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Avamere Olympic Rehabilitation of Sequim
1000 S. 5th Ave
Sequim, WA 98382


Our Commitment

“Your Life. Our Commitment.” That is the motto the Avamere Family of Companies does business by. You and your care needs are central to the decisions our trained clinical staff make every day. From our corporate office in Wilsonville, OR to the halls of Avamere Olympic Rehabilitation of Sequim, putting the needs of those we serve first has established the Avamere Family of Companies as a leader in senior healthcare services in the Pacific Northwest, and beyond.

Our mission – to enhance the life of every person we serve – is a philosophy we practice at every level of service we provide. From the small things, like preparing your meal the way you want it, to the big things, such as working closely with your physician on a comprehensive plan of care designed to return you to the living situation of your choice.

iStock_000012640412-(Small)Along with working to meet your needs, we put integrity above all else. The integrity of our care staff, the integrity of our senior skilled nursing facilities, and the integrity of our clinical programs all strive to exceed your expectations. Our unwavering integrity for all that we do leads directly to the passion we have for the quality of people’s lives.

Ask our registered nurses, caregivers, physical therapists, activities directors, or any of the staff in our senior living buildings why they chose that particular career. The answer will undoubtedly be because the desire to help people achieve clinical goals, or to make seniors’ living situations as comfortable as possible, is so strong they made it their life’s ambition. The passion of our caring staff for the quality of people’s lives goes beyond words – it’s the quality that is obvious when you enter an Avamere Health Services senior care center.

The quality that you will experience can be seen in the myriad of living choices we offer. In our Independent Living for seniors settings, your freedom and breadth of choice drive our passion. If you find yourself in need of Assisted Living or Skilled Nursing care, our endeavor for quality that is obvious shines through in the clinical outcomes we work with you to achieve. When you hear us talk about one of our values being quality that is obvious, look around and you will see what we mean.

The Avamere Family of Companies is continuously innovating its care models. We are looked at as an industry leader in advancing the use of telehealth in long-term care settings. Using telehealth has allowed our contract therapy services to remotely treat residents in rural settings and continue care plans when a therapist cannot physically be there – all while reducing healthcare costs.

Our day-to-day operations have become more efficient by implementing Electronic Health Records (EHR). The use of streamlined EHR software significantly cuts down the amount of paper we use, and makes patient health data available across our continuum of care so the healthcare professionals working with you can have immediate access to your progress. This is what we mean by innovation, not emulation.

Another value that we hold close to our hearts that goes hand-in-hand with integrity, passion, and quality is fostering a culture of trust and respect. In essence, our entire operation is built on the trust and respect we receive from our customers in return for the quality of services we provide. We know the individuals we serve trust and respect us because of the conversations we initiate with them. Our Independent Living, Assisted Living, and Skilled Nursing facilities have Resident Councils that meet regularly. Concerns, ideas for enhanced amenities, and kind words about our staff are communicated to us through these meetings. We listen closely, which continues to earn the trust and respect of those we serve.

At the end of the day, the Avamere Family of Companies is clearly passionate about the quality of care we provide, but we also like to have fun. Our love for fun comes through during community volunteer events such as the annual Alzheimer’s Association Walk or when the local VA comes in to chat with our residents. There are a multitude of engaging activities happening at Avamere Olympic Rehabilitation of Sequim that are guaranteed to have both our residents and staff smiling and enjoying their time together – whether it’s playing cards, or taking a trip into town.

Our commitment to enhancing the life of every person we serve is why we continue to passionately serve the needs of the surrounding community’s seniors. The Avamere Family of Companies is dedicated to your wellbeing, comfort, and working to achieve the healthcare goals you have set. Please, contact us today to find out more about our commitment to you.