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Avamere Olympic Rehabilitation of Sequim
1000 S. 5th Ave
Sequim, WA 98382


Avamere Olympic Rehab of Sequim Testimonials

Here are a few experiences that residents or family members of Avamere Olympic Rehab of Sequim have shared with us…

I was thinking about my grandmother today. I visited my grandmother a number of times while she was a guest. I was recently talking with a friend who works in another long-term care facility and after our conversation I was thinking how difficult it must be to provide high quality long-term care. It occurred to me that I may not have thanked you for the wonderful job you all did, taking care of my grandmother.

It was a great comfort to our family to know that she was being well looked after and treated with dignity and compassion. Also, the hard work by staff and management to provide an attractive experience for visitors is an extra step that many long-term care facilities don’t bother with. We appreciated it, as I am sure many other families of guests do. I expect that guests also appreciate it, if for no other reason than it may lead to longer and more frequent visits from friends and loved ones.

Thanks for all of the extra effort.
Dan W.

Dear Heather:

I want to thank you and your staff for the wonderful care you gave my mother, during her three year stay at Avamere. I always felt that the staff had her best interests at heart and I did not have to worry about her safety which was such a comfort for me.

I must commend you on such a clean, and nice facility both inside and outside.  My mom always enjoyed looking at the flowers and beautiful rhodies outside.

I want to thank the nursing staff and aides  who took care of my mom during her last days. The compassion they showed  her was very much appreciated.  They took the extra steps to make sure that she was as comfortable  as she could be during this difficult time.

I spent a lot of time at Avamere visiting my mother and I want to thank everyone for all that they did.  It is not an easy job what your staff does, and their good work did not go unappreciated.


Please extend the heartfelt thanks to the administrative and nursing staff at Avamere Olympic Rehab of Sequim who took care of us during our father’s his stay. My dad succumbed to his age related issues, but during his time there, we were continually impressed with the kindness and caring he and we received every day and every hour. My mother would like to especially thank Dee, Ashleigh, and Edythe, along with Robyn, Jessica, Tracy, Charla, and Kim–and so many others who took the time to say “good morning”, “how are you”, and “can I help you?” The first day that Dad was brought to the facility, I walked around Unit 2 and asked some of the residents if they were happy, cared for, and pleased with the nursing staff. I met with a resounding approval from everyone whom I talked to. Such a comfort during such a stressful time. After my Dad passed away, I was so impressed with the fact that they took the time to give me a hug and extend their sincere condolences. With a group that is faced with an aging population on a daily basis, I am truly humbled by their sensitivity and commitment in caring for their patients.”

Warm regards,

“I just wanted to thank you and your wonderful staff for caring for my husband this last week of his life. The staff on Unit 2 did everything they could to make his last days pain free. Everyone was so kind including even your maintenance workers, kitchen help, etc.

My husbands last days and mine being there were made comfortable and the caring of your staff is to be commended. You must be very proud to have such angels of mercy working for you.It’s very sad to see someone who was once strong and vital slip away but your staff helped my husband maintain his dignity to the end. Never once when the CNA’s had to clean up messes did they complain. They handled each chore with professionalism and kindness.

I hope in the future to come back and say thank you in person. I plan to let anyone know who needs a care facility what you have to offer. Thank you again for all of your help in this most difficult time.”

“Please know how wonderful you were to my mother and I. I can’t thank you enough for all your care and professionalism. You made our experience as good as it could have been under the circumstances.”

“My brother Jim and I and our families wish to thank OCRC for their gentle and kind care of our mother, when she needed it most. We believe she had the best care possible, which kept her pain and suffering to a minimum and kept her comfortable in her final years.”

“Last Sunday while we were visiting my mother, we overheard bits and pieces of a conversation between an aide and other resident. She was helping the resident get into a wheelchair. Then she took her into the bathroom followed by wheeling her to lunch. During the time, we overhead a few of the things she was saying.

The kind words and compassion as well as the calm, caring tone of her voice was unforgettable. She said things like ‘has anyone every told you how sweet you are? I’m so sorry you aren’t feeling well. I wish I could do something to make you feel better.’ She said them with such sincerity. Her kindness and compassion brought tear to our eyes.”

Thank you for your kind and compassionate care of my mother. Virginia, David, Patricia, Tracy, Daryl, and the rest of the staff were so considerate. She passed away last weekend. I was able to be with her at Avamere during her last hours. Your staff was so helpful to the family and me. David even brought a mattress so I could lie down by her bed. Most comforting was that the staff there truly cared for her.

Lance W.

Dear and Most Wonderful Avamere Staff,

It is with heart felt appreciation that I write this. My husband never failed to mention how much love he felt from the staff in his care. He was made to feel special on a daily basis. Whenever I visited, my husband never failed to point out and acknowledge how everyone greeted him, always with a smile and a cheerful comment.

He experienced an imaginary or hallucinatory existence of which we were not privileged to. You played along and made him feel both important and vital to the nuclear function of Avamere. My husband’s family can never thank you enough for making his final time on the earth any more special then you did.

C. and T.